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Igniting a Social Journalism Revolution

A variety of media outlets are taking advantage of this development and are benefiting from the dedication shown by social journalists. Since no journalist can predict specific events nor can he or she be omnipresent, media outlets are relying more and more on external journalists, who are “where it happens”, and “when it happens”. More and more newspapers and magazines are therefore getting content from social journalists in addition to their own journalistic staff, and those contributors’ income is not to be under estimated.

Since the beginning of this century, the press industry has become more democratic, breaking away from a centralized model. Nowadays a blog and an online connection are all you need to publish quality journalistic content for a large public of online readers. Journalism institutions and news publishers have mixed opinions about this trend, but are helpless against it. This model is disruptive in the sense that it creates a source of income for part-time and full time professionals who have no formal journalism experience or education, yet they have a journalistic talent.

Every day, hundreds of stories and photographs are created by social journalists and adapted for television, newspapers and online portals. High-quality pictures may market for 3 – or perhaps four-figure , e.g. if publishing houses will be purchasing them completely from social journalists. Seasoned journalists can brush off this type of journalistic function but nonetheless, it produces a market in the sphere of media and assists new journalists in make a living.

EUPA has been encouraging professional journalists and individuals along with newcomers, with or without prior experience. Social journalists, too, may take advantage of the benefits we provide through our platform., along with getting a press pass.

EUPA is among the most prominent independent press agencies and is active in every area of media. As a member of other great associations, we’ve been known for trustworthy and quality editorial jobs in the fields of broadcast, print and internet media.

When it comes to press passes, we break apart from the standard process of awarding a press ID. We don’t demand you to be a part of any institution. You are connected with our press agency directly, which supplies your press pass along with other Press accreditation materials.

Regardless of what the occasion is, organizers nowadays seldom pay attention to the outlet you are affiliated with, and are often happy about getting additional and diversified coverage. An EUPA press pass ensures you’ll be treated well. We provide numerous other added value services including our EUPA.news portal, media discounts, letters of certification , in addition to Press consultation services.

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