Current status inquiry

Registered journalists and photojournalists

Event organizers, press agencies, trade show organizers etc. may verify a journalist´s or photojournalist´s credentials by making a current status inquiry. Checking whether a journalist or photojournalist is registered with the European Press Agency (EUPA) and whether he or she is subject to restricted access is a quick and simple process.

Inquiries about journalists and photojournalists are possible 24/7 and are available to the police, fire departments, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief, courts, administrative offices, agencies, press agencies, event organizers, trade show organizers and consumers. In combination with the EUPA press pass, this makes it easy to determine without a doubt whether a journalist or photojournalist is a member of EUPA. After all, the job title “journalist” is not protected by law. The combination of current status inquiry and press pass offers the highest level of security.

In addition to the current status inquiry, the European Press Agency (EUPA) press pass also offers multiple safety standards, which help prevent forgery and ensure its authenticity. The ID cards are entered into a central register using a special code.

Each member of the European Press Agency (EUPA) may enter his or her own information. Please ensure that all information (first name, last name and zip code) is entered correctly. Current status inquiry offers advantages for journalists, photojournalists and event organizers as well as agencies and consumers.

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