Concerns Of A Journalist – Are live broadcasts translated in real time?

Are live broadcasts translated in real time?
Barring an exceptional major event, the videos are broadcast live in their original language. However, after a few minutes, they are available in VOD, subtitled in 12 languages.

As for editorial articles, they are translated as soon as they are made available on World Press Center.

Is the translation of videos and articles 100% reliable?
No, these are automatic translations made with algorithms that are still perfectible. Nevertheless, they give a fairly accurate idea of the content and if the media buyer wants a reliable version, European Press Agency provides — as an option — a perfectly translated version in a few tens of minutes.

Moreover, this first “algorithmic” approach is also intended to enable a “full-text” search in the audiovisual archives (VOD). Rather than having to watch hours of videos to find a particular sequence, it is sufficient to simply type in a sentence or a series of keywords to find what one wants.