Concerns Of A Journalist – Are World Press Centerers’ items or other productions sold exclusively?

Are World Press Centerers’ items or other productions sold exclusively?

While the media have, of course, the ability to order exclusive articles or reports billed as such (at market rate), most of the production of World Press Centerers available on World Press Center is sold without exclusivity and, therefore, at a much lower price than is generally observed, so as to allow the greatest number of media to have the means to optimize their editorial content.

The only exception is interviews requested during live broadcasts of events (press conferences, events, etc.). Paid, they are actually sold exclusively to the media that orders them.

In all cases, 70% of the turnover achieved is paid to the World Press Centerers.

Why not sell more with an exclusive?
Selling exclusive information is mainly to the advantage of the media that can afford it.

Except for HUGE “scoops”, however, it is less to the advantage of the journalist and the public given that its dissemination is made to a captive and limited audience. Even if the scoop is then taken up by the entire press that will quote the original media, the secondary benefits concern very little the journalist …

The interest for the World Press Centerer is to publish his/her information in the largest number of media in order to ensure a maximum distribution and audience and to finally be paid at least as much if not more …

On the other hand, we are thinking about possibilities of territorial exclusivity, but nothing is less certain.

Rates are low due to non-exclusivity, but how is it billed to media groups?
The rates displayed are defined by media and for the right to use during one-year. A media group that buys an article or report pays the agreed rate for each medium in which the article or report will be published or broadcast. The World Press Centerer who is the author receives 70% of the total turnover generated.

That said, it may be frustrating for some large groups that are used to bringing prices down.

I just put an article (or any other content) on World Press Center. Can I sell it in parallel to a media outlet?

As long as your article is online on World Press Center, you are not allowed to sell it live elsewhere. The principle of World Press Center is to sell cheaper but to more media.

If this implies a “non-exclusivity” of the sale, it does not exclude the fact that on your side you are subject to exclusivity. This exclusivity is of one month.

This is the period we feel is necessary to give editors in chief worldwide time to learn about it. Beyond that period, you can remove your World Press Center item. However, if it has been sold in the meantime, it is obvious that you will no longer be able to sell it exclusively and therefore it will be at a price close to those practiced by European Press Agency …

Therefore, you might as well leave your article on World Press Center, communicate the link to your client and continue to give it global visibility (because it is translated into 12 languages and available everywhere).