Concerns Of A Journalist – I want to plan an event. Do I have to retransmit it? How to do that?

I want to plan an event. Do I have to retransmit it? How to do that?

Are you aware of an event that you find interesting, but you won’t be able to cover it? There is nothing stopping you from planning it on World Press Center so that a colleague who was unaware of its existence, but living nearby, could broadcast it for you and for the whole community.

In planning this event, you will be asked to describe it in terms of “sector” and keywords so that colleagues, whose interests “match” with this event, are alerted to its holding, either to cover it, or simply to attend it whether live or delayed.

Who can plan an event on World Press Center?
The newsroom of European Press Agency and all the World Press Centerers registered on World Press Center.

Businesses and institutions will also have this opportunity. This is without being World Press Center subscribers but within the limits of the planning of events of which they are the organizers. On the other hand, if a company or an institutional wants to obtain the images and videos taken on this occasion by the member journalists, they will be able to do so, but of course, at a different rate from that of a media (more expensive but still very attractive) and the journalist still receives 70%, but in this case, not freelance fee but an invoice.