Concerns Of A Journalist – Is the journalist who broadcasts a live event paid?

Is the journalist who broadcasts a live event paid?

He/she broadcasts on a “brotherly” basis (free of charge) to his distant colleagues.

On the other hand, it is very likely that among the spectators of each event — live or delayed — there are colleagues who need these images to support the article or the story on which they are working. Similarly, many media outlets will be keen to buy these images to publish on their website or to broadcast them on their TV or Radio channels. If such is the case, European Press Agency invoices the media and pays 70% of the turnover to the World Press Centerer in the form of a freelance (pay sheet) unless otherwise requested by the World Press Centerer.

In addition, if remote journalists have the opportunity to ask questions during the live event, they will have even more reason to buy the videos.

Is the journalist who places an article, an editorial, audiovisual report or photos certain to be paid?

Yes, if it is bought by a media outlet. It’s even automatic: once the transaction is made 70% are credited to the World Press Centerer’s account. A monthly statement is published summarizing the “freelances” of the month media by media. In the medium term, the World Press Centerer will decide when he/she wants to be paid: once a week, a month … Etc.

At what prices are videos, articles and other reports available on World Press Center sold?

Each type of production has a specific rate per country.

For example, a raw video from the broadcast of a press conference will be sold for 50 euros before taxes in France or Germany but will be sold for 100 euros before taxes in Qatar or Singapore, 75 euros in the USA or 25 euros in Gabon or Malaysia.

The purchase price is determined by the country of residence of the media that buys.

Thus a Gabonese World Press Centerer will sell a raw video at a price of 25 euros in Gabon and in the countries of the same zone, but will sell for 50 euros, if it is a French or German media that buys, or 75 euros if it is a Swiss or American media.

Rates will soon be available by following this link.

If the rates seem low, let’s not forget that they are sold without exclusivity and that, therefore, the aim is to sell to as many media as possible, locally and internationally, hence the importance of the eventual translation into 12 languages.