Concerns Of A Journalist – What do I need to broadcast an event? What equipment, special skills?

What do I need to broadcast an event? What equipment, special skills?
At a minimum, a smartphone is required. If possible, a recent generation (less than 3 years) supporting the mobile application World Press Center (and at short-term “Larix”). A tripod is also essential to ensure a stable video. Light equipment is available everywhere for a few tens of euros.

Finally, if you want to offer your colleagues some interaction with you during the live with the possibility of asking their questions and thus optimize the chances of selling your images, a connected tablet is unavoidable. It will allow you to receive questions live without having to manipulate your smartphone which must remain stable so as not to alter the quality of your broadcast.

Ideally, a directional microphone to amplify the power of your smartphone is welcome.

Sound is essential, much more than the quality of the videos. It is sound that makes an event understandable. It is sound that is the subject of digital recognition and multilingual translation. This is therefore an essential point to take particular care of.
In terms of skills, all journalists have the ability to broadcast a live event. However, along with recommendations for equipment and equipment being tested by World Press Center soon to be put online, training and tutorials will also be available to help you be as efficient as possible.

If the internet is not sufficient or accessible from where the event I want to broadcast on World Press Center is located, what should I do?
This can indeed happen, especially in rural areas. In this case, simply record the event under live conditions (without editing after the fact) and upload it as soon as the network or your connection allows. The World Press Center application allows this in good security conditions (author identification, location, etc.).