European Press Agency “UBERISES” journalists!

European Press Agency “Uberises” Journalists!

No, on the contrary! European Press Agency allows journalists to sell their production to a large number of media, regardless of their economic power. By selling for less but offering their production translated into 12 languages to all the world’s media, journalists increase their income thanks to European Press Agency and enable their productions to be disseminated more widely to the target audience. Besides, journalists receive 70% of the turnover generated by their work and are paid in Pige, even abroad. No media outlet or news agency in the world offers such advantages to journalists.

European Press Agency strengthens the financial and editorial independence of journalists who have the opportunity to work with a large number of media without having to comply with their constraints.

European Press Agency “UBERISES” journalists!

European Press Agency UBERISES the media!

No, on the contrary… European Press Agency optimizes the work of newsrooms by saving them time and allowing them to greatly expand their coverage of information. By purchasing the content presented through World Press Center, chief editors have the opportunity to refocus their editorial work on inquiry and more detailed investigations while preserving their operating account.

European Press Agency will facilitate the emergence of new media, which will be able to ensure exceptional coverage of their editorial themes with limited budgets.

What are the differences between “raw” and “treated” information?

Raw information is not analyzed and transcribed by a journalist. This is precisely the case of a live broadcast during a press conference or other public or private events (protest, professional conference, etc.) in contrast to “treated” information that has been worked upon, enhanced by a journalist.

A survey conducted by European Press Agency with journalists confirms that 83% of them consider that “raw” information can be shared among colleagues. That was one of the arguments that gave birth to our concept.