World Press Center, What’s The Benefit?

I am a freelance journalist, what benefit do I have from subscribing to World Press Center?

Whether you are a freelancer or an editorial staff, World Press Center saves you time by allowing you to remotely attend events that your schedule, your geographical location or the language practiced, does not allow you to cover.

Beyond that, whether you’re putting down your smartphone to passively broadcast a press conference or images of a street protest to your colleagues of the province, the capital or the other side of the world, you’re already helping to limit the carbon footprint so harmful to the planet.

Going further, you are involved in strengthening the independence of journalists and the freedom of the press.

Besides, more concretely, if editors buy your videos, interviews or reports from European Press Agency, you will certainly find that it is without a doubt better to be broadcast by 100 “small” media around the world than by 3 or 4 who impose their conditions on you and can drop you at any time…

Furthermore, European Press Agency pays you freelance, takes care of social forms and makes on your behalf a request for a press card (or its renewal). You will no longer have to fight to avoid being paid “on invoice” as if you were a “trader” …

You are a PROFESSIONAL JOURNALIST and European Press Agency defends and honors your status all over the world.