Membership fees at a glance

Press passes are sold by a number of organizations. However, you cannot purchase a press pass from European Press Agency (EUPA). It is included in your membership. Of course, a press pass is only one of many benefits that come with a EUPA membership. No extra charges or additional costs. There are no monthly dues at EUPA. EUPA membership fees have been stable for years, and in 2011, EUPA even reduced its prices. Why don´t you ask some other journalism associations how often they raised their membership fees in recent years.
Membership Press Credential - Journalist / ReporterPress Correspondent
one-time flat fee
108,00 USD
Annual service fee
48,00 USD - prorated for the year of registration
Annual fee starting with the second calendar year (following year) only 48,00 USD
48,00 USD
Press pass
0,00 USD - already included in the membership fee.
Press-ID Card
0,00 USD - already included in the membership fee.
Press vehicle ID
0,00 USD - already included in the membership fee.
Letter of accreditation
0,00 USD - already included in the membership fee.
eBook "Success Stories"
0,00 USD - already included in the membership fee.

A press pass is only valid for one calendar year, which is why our annual fee always applies for the current year. Fair: Your membership fee is prorated. No matter when you sign up, you only pay for the remaining months of that year.


Sign up in Februaryonly 44,00 USD (instead of 48,00 USD)
Sign up in Mayonly 32,00 USD (instead of 48,00 USD)
Sign up in Septemberonly 16,00 USD (instead of 48,00 USD)

Whether you register in May, August or November, your annual fee is prorated based on the month you join. Even if you sign up at the end of the year, you will not suffer any disadvantage.

This fee is always charged in full, independent of the registration month. It includes all of our benefits: press pass, press ID card, letter of accreditation, press vehicle sign, and much more.

One-time accreditation feeonly 108,00 USD

A new press pass is issued every year, as this credential is only valid for the current calendar year. Fair: No additional fee! The cost of a new press pass is already included in your annual membership fee. Renewal fee: 48,00 USD per year. You will receive an email reminder in October of the current year.

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Inclusive valid Press Pass, Reporter Card, Letter confirming assignment, Press Vehicle ID, eBook, Lanyard and Sticker.