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EUPA News provides an opportunity for you to publish your work using a fast and straightforward process. The editorial system is easy to use and does not require special programming skills – basic computer skills and a working Internet connection are all you need. The editorial system allows you to upload press photos and media texts, which will then automatically be published on a subdomain – your Customized Beat. All editorial content is published in a specially designated section of EUPA News, with EUPA News providing inter-regional media and press coverage. In combination with your own publications, this creates a comprehensive and attractive supply of reading material. All advantages of the editorial system at a glance:
  • Documentation of all your journalistic work
  • Proof of publication is helpful for extensive research and accreditation processes
  • Entry in the legal notice is equivalent to a position as a responsible member of the editorial staff
  • Additional income through Google AdSense
  • Marketing opportunities for your own photos and articles
The European Press Agency (EUPA) offers you the opportunity to publish your work in every important category: sports, motorsports, automotive, economics, finance, business, features, travel, wellness, celebrities, investigative reports, interviews, trade shows, new media and more. Support for these editorial projects comes from a network of business contacts and sponsors as well as our cooperation with journalism associations. Under certain conditions, members of EUPA News may request a request a special letter of accreditation from the editorial office, which is particularly helpful for accreditation purposes.
The personalized Reporter Card, in combination with the press pass issued by EUPA, is an indicator of competence that certifies the reliability and professionalism of its owner. This makes carrying out your journalistic work easier and brings about numerous benefits. In order to receive a letter of accreditation from the editorial office, you must accept the Editorial Code of Conduct and actively perform journalistic work. A personalized letter of accreditation from the editorial office may be used exclusively in the course of reporting and is only valid for a predetermined amount of time. Furthermore, a letter of accreditation from the editorial office may only be issued for one specific purpose at a time.

Becoming a contributor for EUPA News is an unbureaucratic process. You provide photos, news reports, editorials or investigative reports, and EUPA News editorial staff will give you feedback about whether at all, under which conditions and to what extent a cooperation may be possible. You may also send a creative email with relevant details to initiate contact with the EUPA News editorial office.

A letter of accreditation from the editorial office can only be issued for one beat (e.g. sports, events, politics). Each accreditation is formally registered and listed in the EUPA News editorial office. Please use the official form to contact us for the first time. Members of the European Press Agency (EUPA) receive a voucher, which may be redeemed for extended services offered by EUPA News and may be retrieved in the member login area.

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